When it comes to underwear it can be difficult to find the perfect set - you know, that set of lingerie that fits perfectly and looks great! In fact, once you discover that style and comfort go hand in hand, you will never want to let go of your favorite set. The thought of having to throw away your favorite set can break your heart. 

Sometimes you have to let go of the things you love :)) So, how long can you keep underwear? Do you have to replace it regularly? And can you keep a bra as long as panties? Please read on if you want to know whether your favorite bra will last a while or whether it is really time for something new. 

Your “underwear habits” 

Everyone has his or her own methods when it comes to replacing underwear. Some swear by buying new underwear every month, while others keep a bra for years. So how do you know what the best choice is for you?

Most experts agree that there is no specific lifespan for underwear. But having said that, it is important to regularly check whether your bra still fits comfortably and provides the support you like. Wearing your underwear for a year may be a good rule of thumb, but there are of course a number of factors that can influence the lifespan of a bra 

  1. How do you take care of your underwear? If you want your underwear to last a long time, this is an essential step. Do you wash your underwear by hand? Then they will stay beautiful longer than if they go in the washing machine. If you wash them in the washing machine with a laundry bag, they will stay beautiful longer than without. 
  2. The amount of underwear you have may sound logical, but the more you alternate between different sets, the longer they last. For example, do you wear the same bra almost every day? Then there is a good chance that it will need to be replaced after 3 months, but if you rotate between 5 bras, you can keep them for up to two years. 
  3. Lingerie for special occasions generally stays beautiful longer, this is simply because it is worn less. 

Signs that it is time for new underwear

Even more than normal clothing, you notice that underwear is getting older. This is due to the fragile materials it is made from. Underwear can remain beautiful over time, but it is important to remember that things change - Both your underwear and you! You often notice when you and your bra are no longer the perfect match. They are less comfortable and no longer look as nice as before. There are a number of things that can help you recognize that it is time to change your underwear. 

  • It is too loose, even though baggy jackets and trousers are in, loose underwear is never good. If you notice that your underwear is too loose, whether this is because the elastic has lost its elasticity or because your body has changed, it is time to look for a new set! Even if it is too tight, it is time for something new. 
  • Your underwear is fraying or torn. This is also a clear sign that your underwear has seen its best days and it is time to replace your beloved set. 
  • It may also be that you haven't worn a particular set of underwear in a long time and it is tucked away at the back of your underwear drawer. As soon as you pick it up again, the elastic may have become stiff. This can happen if you do not stretch the elastic regularly.

Of course we would all like to never say goodbye to our beloved underwear sets, but sometimes it really is time for something new. Do you want to enjoy your new underwear for as long as possible? Then learn here how to best care for your underwear, because your underwear also deserves a little love.

December 22, 2022 — Isa Hoeksema
Tags: Lingerie

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