Exchange items

Of course, it is always possible that your new items do not fit quite as you had hoped. In that case, you can exchange your items for a different size for free within the Netherlands and Belgium (if available). We cannot offer free exchanges outside the Netherlands and Belgium. You can then return the items to us at your own leisure, and we will send the new size to you free of charge! You must indicate within 14 days that you want to exchange your products.

Follow these steps to exchange items:

Do you need advice about which size is best to exchange for? Then you can send an email to [email protected]

    • You can register your exchange via this link . Here you can download the label for exchange for free.
    • Carefully package the items you want to exchange (the items must be unworn and have all original tags, labels and packaging. For hygienic reasons, we can refuse items if it is clear that this is not the case). Place the shipping label on your package and take it to the post office. The items that need to be exchanged must be shipped within 7 days of receiving the label.
    • As soon as the exchange has been received at our warehouse, the new items will be sent to you free of charge within a few working days!

* The items you want to exchange are reserved for 28 days. If we have not received the items you want to exchange after 28 days, the items may no longer be exchangeable. you will then receive a store credit.

Returning items after exchange

If you still want to return after exchanging, you must register within 7 days of receiving the new items. Please note: Only items that have been exchanged can then be registered for return, for other items from the order the return period will not be extended (if it concerns a set, you can of course simply return the entire set)


Our products can be returned within 14 days after receiving the package. The products must be in their original condition, (Make sure you try the underwear on over your own underwear. For hygienic reasons, we may refuse to return items if it is clear that this has not been done.) Returns must be made within 14 days of receipt are registered, the day the package is delivered counts as day 1. After 14 days we can no longer accept returns.

How to return your items

If you would like to return something, please follow these steps within 14 days:

  • Register your returnhere .

  • Carefully package the items you want to return ((the items must be unworn and have all original tags, labels and packaging. For hygienic reasons we can refuse items if it is clear that this is not the case). Then enclose a note with your name & order number Without a name and order number we cannot see who the shipment comes from. If there is a hygiene label in an item, it must still be there to accept a return.

  • Make sure that the return is sent within 7 days after registration

  • We will credit the purchase amount within 14 days of receiving the return in our warehouse.

If you have received a damaged or incorrect product, you can send an email to [email protected] with your name and order number. If damaged, please add a photo.

return costs: Netherlands €4.99 // Belgium €7.99 // Germany €13.25

Return conditions

1. Worn items will not be refunded or exchanged for hygienic reasons. These will be automatically returned to you. Items must still have all tags and labels and be in the original packaging. If the items are no longer in the original bags, you will be charged 3.5 euros per item. If the labels or tags have been removed from an item, the return will not be accepted. If a hygienic liner was supplied, it may not be removed for exchange or refund. If items smell strongly of smoke, sweat or are covered in hair, 30% of the purchase amount will be charged.

2. We will fully reimburse the cost of your items minus the return costs. Our warehouse checks the status of the products and will only refund if it complies with our returns policy.

Returns are at your own expense, within the Netherlands the return costs are 4.75. From Belgium the return costs are 7.25. You CANNOT return your order on your own, if you do so we are not responsible for the shipment.

3. Always send the registered items within 7 days after registering the return. If an item has not been received by us 4 weeks after registration, it will no longer be accepted. If your return is still delivered to us after 4 weeks, it will be returned or you will receive a store credit. Purchase amounts will then no longer be credited.

4. All prices for sale items are only valid during the sale period and as such we will not credit or refund any price difference for items purchased outside that sale period.

5. If you receive a gift with your order because you exceed a certain amount, and by returning items you fall below that minimum order amount or you return the entire order, you must also return the gift. If this is not done, the value of the gift will be deducted from the amount credited.