Valentine's Day is coming and although it is important to appreciate and celebrate love every day, it is still a day to make it a little more special. Do you want to surprise your Valentine but don't know where to start? Here are some of our favorite ideas

1. Go out together. plan a romantic date, reserve a table at your favorite restaurant or go to that movie you've both been wanting to see for a long time.

2. Spice things up and surprise your lover with a sexy set of lingerie.

3. Organize a date night @home, cook a romantic dinner for two served by candlelight or plan a movie night with your favorite snacks.

4. No time for a date night? Surprise your valentine with breakfast in bed or make sure dinner is ready.

5. Organize a romantic spa day for two, fill the bath, give a wonderful massage with soothing music in the background.

6. No gift that is special for your valentine. We all know roses and chocolates, but a personal gift is much nicer, isn't it? Make a photo album of your time together or write a nice letter.

Of course, always remember that the most important thing is that your surprise is something that your valentine finds valuable and special and that fits your relationship.

February 02, 2023 — Isa Hoeksema
Tags: Lifestyle

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