We all know the standard underwire bra, a bra with lined cups that enclose your breasts. An unpadded bra is a non-padded bra that follows the natural shape of your breasts. This type of bra has a comfortable fit thanks to its flexible shape and cups without padding. Non-padded bras provide a modest cleavage and natural breast lift. 

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The difference between an unpadded and padded bra

The difference between a padded and a non-padded bra is the use of foam in the cups. The padded bra has padded cups that make your breasts look round and full. With these cups you can be sure that your nipples are not visible. Your nipples may be visible under an unpadded cup. A non-padded bra does not have microfiber in the cups. The non-padded cups are made of a soft fabric and follow the natural shape of your breast.

3 reasons to choose an unpadded bra 

Would you like to try something new? Then here are 5 reasons to choose an unpadded underwire bra. 

1. The comfort 

The biggest advantage of an unpadded bra is comfort. Where with a padded bra your breast must fit into the cup, with an unpadded bra the cup molds to your breast. They are often made of wonderfully soft fabrics and because they are thinner and move more with your body, you hardly feel the bra.

2. Nice and airy 

In the summer, unpadded bras are the perfect options! There is no thick filling that causes sweaty boobies, the fabric is breathable and your boobies remain wonderfully fresh & cool!

3. Super sexy 

We're not saying that padded bras can't be sexy, but let's be honest? An unpadded lace bra is simply super sexy! The natural shape of the breast is emphasized and you can see the skin through the lace. How nice is it that your sexiest bras can also be the most comfortable?

Of course, everyone has their own preference when it comes to bras. Some people like padded bras and others prefer a non-wired bralette or unpadded underwire bra and that is completely okay; Wear what you feel good & beautiful in!

December 21, 2022 — Isa Hoeksema
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