For many women, every day starts the same: you search through your underwear drawer looking for the perfect items to wear under your outfit of the day. You want something that is comfortable but that you feel sexy in! You are completely fed up with that underwear drawer full of boring basic bras and underwear that just doesn't fit. It is time for something new. 

So babe, you know what to do: let's go buy some cute lingerie! 

Before you go all out, settle for this complete guide to 5 do's and don'ts when buying lingerie that you will cherish forever.

Learn your bra size!

When you are looking for a new bra, you are often tempted to choose the size that you have been wearing for years. But did you know that 80% of women don't wear the right bra size? A cup that is too small or too large, a size that is too tight or straps that fall off your shoulders can greatly reduce the wearing comfort of a bra. Your size can change every year and so should your bra!

Wearing the right bra size has many benefits. 

  1. It improves your posture - a well-fitting bra can help you stand up straighter by providing proper support to your chest. 
  2. Your outfit looks better - if you wear a bra that fits well, your outfit often looks even better! 
  3. It gives your self-confidence a boost! - As soon as you wear a bra that fits perfectly, you will notice that you immediately feel a lot more confident. 

If you don't know what bra size you have, follow these instructions! If you still can't figure it out, we advise you to have your bra size measured at a local boutique. 

Get touchy

The fact that a bra is comfortable is the most important thing for many women. Therefore, take the time to feel a bra. Look at the fabric, how does the fabric feel on the skin? Does it tickle or does it feel soft? It is also important to look carefully at the finish: are there any points in the bra that could irritate? This could include poorly finished stitching or a thin wire chasing through which you can feel the underwire poking through. 

Learn what works for you

Every breast is different and every breast needs a different type of bra. For example, small breasts need less support than large breasts. But the shape of your breast also influences which bra model works best for you. Do you wear most of your chest volume low? Then a balcony bra is often a good choice for you. Do you wear your chest volume higher? Then try a plunge bra. 

To find out which bra model works best for you, we recommend trying everything out and seeing what you feel most comfortable in! 

Quality over quantity 

When you are shopping IRL you often come across bins full of underwear for the lowest price. And while this can be very tempting, remember the saying: “you get what you pay for”. And believe us, your private parts deserve more than a pair of panties costing €1.50

When it comes to lingerie, there are numerous reasons to choose good quality items. For example:

  • When you invest in luxurious handmade lingerie, this is truly a pampering moment for yourself. There is nothing better than a lingerie set that is made and designed with love. You feel that immediately! It's also a nice idea that it is made ethically :)
  • It's here to last! If you buy good quality lingerie, it will often last longer than low-quality items. And how nice is it that your favorite animal bra is still beautiful after a year of wearing it?
  • Good quality lingerie does wonders for your self-confidence! When an item is beautifully made, you immediately feel it, with beautiful lingerie you feel and radiate more beautiful. 

Take good care of your lingerie! 

Once you have found nice, beautiful lingerie, you naturally want it to last as long as possible. Therefore, read and follow the care instructions carefully! Treat your lingerie with love and attention. 

Lingerie is there to make you feel beautiful, an invisible layer that gives you that little bit of self-confidence. Choose something that suits your body, something that makes you feel beautiful and sexy. Be bold, try something new, you might love it :)

December 19, 2022 — Isa Hoeksema
Tags: Lingerie

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